Master of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration under the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship (FBE) at NUST  offers the world’s best known and most widely recognized MBA degree in the field of business for the students willing to serve in different organizations at executive, managerial, and administrative positions. MBA is one of the most sought degrees after graduation in the world because of its value to people in business and administration. The goal of the program is to produce quality graduates who are competent enough to meet the contemporary and emerging needs of business enterprises and societies, and provide the nation with knowledgeable and skilled managers who are able to meet the changing needs of 4th industrial revolution in the business environment today and days to come.

The MBA program of NUST involves rigorous teaching, field-works, industry attachment, reports, presentation and teams projects, all of which give students the necessary abilities to handle real-life business situations. This helps set them apart from those who do not have such expertise and can make them leaders in their chosen fields.

Learning Outcomes of the Program

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will:

  1. Demonstrate managerial and leadership qualities through communicating and working effectively
  2. Demonstrate the skills and principles of lifelong learning in their academic and career development.
  3. Apply theories and concepts in the decision making process in the business environment.
  4. Generate solutions to problems using scientific and critical thinking skills.
  5. Conduct research with minimal supervision and adhere to legal, ethical and professional practices.
No.Course CodeSubject NameCredit Hours
 Semester One4
1MBA401         Multinational Corporation4
2MBA402Managerial Economics4
3MBA403      Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis4
4MBA404      Business Statistics & Data Analysis4
5MBA405      International Business4
  Semester Two 
1MBA406     Human Resource Management4
2MBA407Business Law& Ethics4
3MBA408      Project Planning & Management4
4MBA409      Supply Chain Management4
5MBA410      Business Research Methods4
  Semester Three 
1MBA411         Production & Operations Management4
2MBA413Entrepreneurship and Innovation4
3MBA413      Master Thesis8