Master in Software Engineering:
The Master of Science Degree in Software Engineering provides specialized knowledge and experience in developing and modifying large, complex software systems. It emphasizes technical and management aspects of the software engineering process.

Software engineering is an established discipline based on requirement analysis, design, construction, testing, maintenance, economics, and management issues of software engineering. A pragmatic approach to problem solving is the hallmark of a software engineer. Software

engineers are concerned with the theoretical and practical aspects of technology, cost, and social impact of software systems that are both effective and efficient.

Software engineers are in demand in every segment of society affected by computing technology. Potential employers include all software vendors and Internet-based companies, electronic business organizations, businesses that build and sell computers, research and development laboratories, aerospace companies, government contractors, banks, insurance companies, and manufacturing organizations. The master’s program is concerned with both technical and managerial issues, but primary emphasis is placed on the technical aspects of building and modifying high quality software systems.

No.Course CodeSubject NameCredit Hours
Semester One
1MSE300Programming Languages5
2MSE301Software Engineering Process5
3MSE302Software Testing5
4MSE303Artificial Intelligence and Software Design5
5MSE304Software Quality and Metrics5
  Semester Two 
1MSE305Web Development5
2MSE306Data Science5
3MSE307Software Architecture5
4MSE308Research Methodology in Software5
  Semester Three 
2MSE310Software Project Management5
3MSE311Master’s Project10