Nile University of Science and Technology NUST was established in April 17, 2017 as a
non-profit institution of higher learning and located in Mogadishu, Somalia. Its main
objective is based on innovative quality instruction, research, and service to society. NUST is
literally setting the gold standard for quality education in Somalia through research,
innovation, practicum and provision of timely, situational and purposeful trainings. From the
foundations program that teaches the language of instructions in a professional format, to the
libraries and labs, the qualification of our instructors and cutting edge curricula, NUST has
raised the bar for higher education in Somalia. Our facilities and equipment and our student
centric pedagogy are making a tangible difference in the lives of many young people in
Somalia. The institution’s primary objective is to foster quality and solid higher education to
Somalia. In the same vein,

To be a premier University in Technological Innovation and leading institution of higher
education capable of the transforming Somalia through rapidly developing Knowledge and
economy to realize the national objective of a progressive and prosperous country among
comity of nations.

To advance knowledge and technological transfer through teaching, training, learning,
research, and innovation for sustainable development. Cultivating the potential of the young
generation to enable them meet future challenges and compete favorably in the world market
through innovative research discovering new opportunists, technology and ideas helpful for
learners’ development, community and nation at large.